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Applying US visa could be Tricky for some, call for assistance - Rs 1999/-

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Citizens of most of the countries including India are required to have Visa affixed on their passports before travelling to the US. Applying for US visa is multi steps process and not everyone may be comfortable with it. If you are planning to travel to US it is better you start atleast 60 days or more prior to intended date of travel. Once you have applied online, availability of dates for the interview at embassy may be an issue. If you find whole process as cumbersome, you can avail our assistance for Rs 1999 only. However, our services do not guarantee outcome of your application.

What is US visa and Form DS 160?

US visa is your authorisation to visit US for limited duration of time. It is in form of sticker affixed on your passport. This is sticker has your photo, Date of Birth, visa issuance date, expiry date and the visa number. At the time of applying visa, your passport should have validity of more than 6 months. Form DS 160 is the online application form where all the necessary details are filled in. Before starting up you should keep all the documents handy so that you can easily enter the asked information. Information required would be like your passport number, issuance and expiry dates, spouse and parents information, children information, employment details and dates, qualifications information and dates, prior travel details etc.
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What types of visas are issued by US government?

There are many types of visas are issued by US government to visitors, broadly they can be classified as Immigrant and Non Immigrant visas. Basic difference between them is that Immigrant visas are issued those who want to settle down in US permanently while non Immigrant visas are for those who are not supposed to settle down permanently.

a) Students (J and F-1) visa: If you want to go to US for studies and want to apply for a visa then you will have to fill out the form DS 160.

b) Business (B1) visa: If you are a Businessman or Executive with a company and want to visit US to expand business or attend meetings then you will have to apply for US visa on form DS 160.

c) Tourist (B2) visa: If you want to visit your friends and relatives or want to visit as a tourist then also you have to apply visa on form DS 160.

d) Marriage/Fiance visa (K-1): Though marrying a US citizen makes you eligible for citizenship and or Green card but before that you have to visit US on K-1 visa and to apply for it you have to fill form DS 160.

e) Skilled worker (H1) visa: If you have a job offer from a US based company and want to settle down there you have apply for US visa on form DS 160.

f) Others visas: Like so many categories stated above you have to apply on Form DS 160 for any category of non immigrant visa on form DS 160.
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What is the process of Applying New US visa?

Process of applying visa involves filing of Form DS 160 which may be quite time consuming, payment of the requisite fee, submission of the required documents, giving biometrics etc. Once, this is over you will have to go through interview wherein you will be asked questions about your planned visit to US. You will also be judged for your willingness to return to your home country after completion of journey.
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What is the process of Renewal of Expired US visa?

If your B1 of B2 visa has expired then you can get it renewed within one year of its expiry. Process of applying Renewal of expired US visa is also quite similar to that of New visa and involves filing of Form DS 160, payment of the requisite fee, submission of the required documents. However, in this case you may get waiver from biometrics and Interview but the fee is same for New visa as well as Renewal visa
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How much is the validity of Visas?

There is different validity for different visas, for example B1/B2 visa could be valid from 3 months to 10 years and this entirely depends on the embassy. Student visas could be valid for the duration of the course. Fiance/e visas could be valid till the time of marriage of the couple.
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Can I file Online Application?

Yes, in fact most of the process is online only. It starts with filing of Form DS 160, online payment of fee etc.
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What are the documents required for Visa Application?

Basically you require Passport with more than 6 months of validity with atleast 3 blank pages on it and Old passports if any. Printout of confirmation page of Form DS 160 submission. You will also need to carry 1 photo of 50mm x 50mm, be sure that photo size is exactly as prescribed.

  • Letter explaining the purpose of visit
  • Form 16 for last 3 years
  • Bank Statements - 6 months showing adequate balance to meet expenses
  • Salary slips for last 3 years
  • Documents showing your Financial position and well being
  • Consent from department if Government employee

  • Businessmen:
  • Explain on the letterhead purpose of visit
  • Income tax returns of the business for past 3 years
  • Financial statements of the company/business preferably attested by CA
  • Bank statement for 6 months showing adequate balance
  • Documents showing your Financial position and well being

  • Retired persons:
  • Invite letter from relative if any
  • Documents showing financial status of self or sponsoring relative or children
  • Income tax returns of self or children for 3 years
  • Bank statement of last 6 months
  • Proof of income like Pension

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    What is the Visa fee applicable?

    Fee for most of the Visas is $160 and $190 and for rest it may go upto $265. Currently, it is calculated at exchange rate of Rs76 per dollar.
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    How can I pay my Visa application?

    Like everything else, visa fee is also to be paid online. You need to input proper reference number while making payment or your payment may get lost. Also, you need to keep Receipt of it safely in your record or you may have to pay it again.
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    Will I have to visit US embassy/consulate and when?

    You will have to book appointment and visit designated places for submission of documents, biometrics and interview.
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    Where are US Embassies and consulates located?

    US Embassies and consulates are located all over the world. You can visit any embassy or consulate which is nearest to you for applying visa. In India they are located at 5 places - New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.
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    How much time does it takes to process Visa application?

    Process starts with filling of application form DS 160, payment of visa fee, submission of documents and biometrics, attending interview and then waiting for your passport and visa to arrive at your place. Availability of appointment dates could be an issue and to be on safe side it should be started atleast 60 days before tentative travel date
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