₹299/- Online RTI Application for Status Provident Fund (PF) withdrawal and balance

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Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is applicable on salaried employees. A part (12 percent) is deducted from employee’s salary and one part (12 percent) is contributed by the employer. Amount of twelve percent is calculated on Basic Salary only. Together both the parts are deposited with EPFO. This keeps accumulating till the time of retirement of the employee and is disbursed as lumpsum and pension at retirement. This is simple and easy way to build a corpus for the golden years of life.

Drafting and filing of Online RTI application through us is available for Rs 299/- + Tax.

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There are two types of PF withdrawal – Complete withdrawal and Partial withdrawal.

Complete withdrawal

1.When the employee retires from job then he is eligible to withdraw all of his savings. He can withdraw entire amount available in his PF account.
2. Apart from retirement, an employee can also ‘Completely withdraw’ amount in case he has left the job and is unemployed for at least two months. If he has left one job and joined the other one then he is not eligible to withdraw but has to transfer account to new employer using appropriate forms. However, his PF account number will remain same.

Partial withdrawal

1. House renovation: If the employee has completed 5 years of employment then he can opt for this scheme. Amount that he can withdraw is 12 times of his monthly salary + dearness allowance (if any) or the total amount available in his fund. Another condition for this withdrawal is that property should be in his own name or spouse name or in joint name. This can be availed again after 5 years’ time period.
2. House Purchase: You can buy land, apartment or construct house using your PF balance. This option can also be availed once employee has completed 5 years of job. For Land purchase, the amount you can withdraw is 24 time of monthly salary. For built up house you can withdraw 36 times of your monthly salary subject to funds available in PF account or the actual cost of purchase. Conditions for this kind of withdrawal is that house should be in name of employee or jointly with spouse. This option can be availed once in life.
3. Home Loan repayment: For purpose of home loan payment you can withdraw upto 36 times of your basic salary + dearness allowance subject to availability of funds in your account or actual liability of home loan. You should be in job for at least 10 years and property should be in the name of employee himself or in spouse name and payability should be more than 20000.
4. Education: Funds can also be withdrawn for the purpose of education of self or the children. For this you should be in the job for at least 7 years. You can withdraw upto 50 percent of funds available in your account.
5. Medical purposes: In an unfortunate event of medical emergency, an employee can withdraw amounts upto six times of his monthly salary (basic) subject to amount available in his account. This can be done for the treatment of self, spouse, children or parent. However, there is no criteria for number of years served.
6. Marriage: If a person has been in employment for at least 7 years then he can withdraw amount for marriage of self, brother, sister or children. He can withdraw upto 50% of funds available in account.
7. Partial withdrawal: If a person has completed 54 years of age than he can withdraw upto 90% of funds available in his account. In this particular case, he does not have to give any specific reason for withdrawal of money.

Procedure of withdrawal

Application for withdrawal of money can be given either offline by submitting physical form at the appropriate branch or can be submitted online by login into one’s account.

1. Offline: Earlier there used to be Form 10C and Form 19 for withdrawal of funds, however, now there is only one form for this purpose. This form is called Composite Form. For using this form you must have Aadhaar card or Aadhaar number. You need to attach your identity proof, cancelled cheque, two revenue stamps and bank statement with your form.
2. Online: Filing online form is much easier and hassle free. You do not need to visit any branch office or attach physical documents but you will have to upload scanned copies of documents as per your reason of withdrawal. Please login to your account then click ‘Online services’, select ‘Claim (Form 31, 19&10C). Confirm your bank account number, select Form 31, select your reason for withdrawal and submit your request. Once you have submitted your request, your employer will approve your request.

Tax on withdrawal (TDS)

When you invest in PF, amount of investment is eligible to Tax benefits under section 80C. When you withdraw money and if your tenure of service is less than 5 years then TDS @10% may be deducted and in case you have not submitted your PAN then TDS @30% may be deducted. However, if your tenure is more than 5 years then no TDS is applicable on you. You will have to declare your amount of withdrawal as your income on your income tax return. If TDS has been deducted then you can take credit of this TDS deduction. Therefore, it is better not withdraw before you have completed 5 years of services.

Volunteer Provident Fund (VPF)

This is yet another feature available to subscribers of Employee Provident Fund (EPF or simply PF). This is not a separate scheme but a feature within your existing PF account where you can tell to HR department to deduct extra money from your salary and deposit it in your PF account. This extra deduction is over and above of what is already being deducted from your salary and deposited. All the other feature and rules regarding withdrawal remain the same.

Contributions under this scheme are also eligible to Tax benefit under section 80C of Income Tax Act.

Status of your withdrawal

As per rules, EPF department has to process your request within 30 days of receipt of your request. You can also check your status online, for this login to your account, click ‘Online Services’, click ‘Track Claim Status’.


There are several instances where services rendered by EPF department is below set standards. Sometimes, deadline of 30 days to clear withdrawal request is not followed. Many times this is also seen that amount of refund does not has correct amount of Interest accrued, amount of interest for one whole year is missing or even principal amount is not correct. For any of the reason of dissatisfaction, you have the right to file application under Right of Information Act (RTI) 2005 with the designated officer for finding out more information regarding this.


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