₹299/- Online RTI Application for Income Tax Refund status

Several times we find that our tax has been deducted on higher side by our employer (if we are salaried), or by bank (if we have FDs) or by our customer (if we are in business). Companies usually deduct TDS on higher side so that they remain on safe side and under no situation they get a notice of penalty from tax authorities.

Drafting and filing of Online RTI application services are available for Rs 299/- + Tax.

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Drafting and filing of Online RTI application services are available for Rs 299/- + Tax.

However, there is no need to panic. While filing our income tax return for the passed by financial year, we can mention all our incomes and claim deductions. In end of the online form it will show what is our actual tax liability and how much tax we have paid or been already deducted. Further, it will also show amount of tax to be refunded.

If your tax refund amount is more than Rs 100 then Income Tax Department is bound to pay you refund. For refund you should have filed and also verified your income tax return. In case there is delay in refund then as per ruling of High Court on date 14 March 2013, Income Tax Department is bound to pay your interest at 0.5% per month or 6% percent per annum starting from 1st April of the assessment year. However, delay should not be because of return filer.

If amount of claim is less than 10% of the total tax due then department is not liable to pay you interest.

How to claim?

For claiming refund, you must have filed and verified your income tax return. You can verify your return electronically or by sending signed form ITV-V at address given on the form. Return can be e-verified by linking your Aadhaar number with your PAN and opting for OTP to verify.

Return must be verified/e-verified within 120 days of filing it. You also need to ensure that you have given proper bank details while filing return and PAN is linked to your bank account.

Reasons for Delay/Denial of refund:

These days, most people get their refund within 30-45 days. There can be certain reasons because which Income Tax Department may delay or deny your refund request.

1. Your verification process is still pending or your Form ITR-V has not reached its destination.
2. There was an old tax liability which you did not pay and refund amount has been adjusted against it.
3. Though you claimed refund but department has found your claim invalid and rejected it.
4. You have not provided your bank details like account number, IFSC code, address etc. correctly.
5. You have not linked your PAN with your bank account.
Income Tax Refund and RTI Act 2005

Gone are the days when there will be no refund or response from the tax department. Earlier you were made to do rounds of the income tax office, sparing time from your busy schedule. Now, instead you can file RTI 2005 application and ask them all the relevant details regarding your income tax refund. Usually, it has been seen that officials disburse the amount instantly when followed up with RTI application.


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