How to get copy of First Information Report (FIR) or Case file from local Police Station and Court? ₹299/- Online RTI Application

We live in a country where people’s trust in Police and law enforcement agencies is very low. Along with that laid back approach of police force in investigating cases and rampant corruption makes people to take matter in their own hands and go through documents themselves to see progress in cases related to them. Many times, people adopt investigative approach and bring out vital pieces of evidence about the case and present them to judiciary. There have been cases of hit and run road deaths where people themselves found out the culprits and handed them over to police. Though in most cases First Information Report - FIR is available on the internet but if they are not you can file Application under Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005 to get copy of it. You need to make sure you are seeking details related to your own case only and not some one not known to you.

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Similar to police, you can also ask Courts to provide your case file and all the documents and details of the evidence which police have filed in the court. During the ongoing Trials, witnesses record their statements cross examinations is held by the lawyers in the court. Judges to mark their observation from time to time and all of this gets marked in your case file. Their may be a case where you may need your case file to present it to other lawyer to seek second opinion on your case. All the courts in India whether District courts, High courts, Supreme court, Law Tribunals are covered under Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005.

You can also file RTI application with Tax Tribunals and Company Tribunals to get documents related to your case. You need to make sure your attempts to get information may not irk Judges and may be seen by them as an attempt to browbeat them.

Copy of FIR and Court Case File and RTI Act 2005

As explained above you can file your application on your own, however, not everyone has confidence to deal with legal matters on their own, therefore, you may seek our help in such cases. If you want your application to be more professional looking, you can avail our services for very nominal amount of money. This will include drafting, printing and postal charges of application. We will provide you, prompt services and feedback received from authorities. With good experience in this field, we know how to get the results from authorities.


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