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Drafting and filing of Online RTI application through us is available for Rs 299/- + Tax.

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There is an old saying in English that ‘a good start is work half done’. We at believe in highest level of customer satisfaction driven by modern technology. Gone are the days when one was unaware of his rights and used to take the words of Authorities/seller for granted. There used to be hardly any remedy for wrong doings by them. Today plethora of information is available online about laws to safeguard the interests of general public. At same time there are plenty of laws been passed by government from time to time to enforce delivery of justice to all.

Sitting here in New Delhi, we are in the heart of India and know the pulse of the nation. We have been filing various applications with authorities for past several years now and build up lot of confidence in what we do.

Most of the people are so busy in life, fetching bread and butter for their families, that they tend to ignore all the injustices and disservices being done to them. They only wake up when some thing big has happened to them. But with our help you can continue with your daily routine life and just spare a few minutes to take on fight for your rights as citizens on India.

What we offer:

We are here to guide you through complete process so that you do not have to shoot arrows in darkness rather approach authorities with confidence of a pro. As ours is a Technology driven company, you do not have to leave convenience of your home and can complete the process online. Though there plenty of laws to protect your interests but there are also set procedures to reap benefits of those laws. Even if you follow those procedures, it is better to do it professionally. With today’s skyrocketing costs of availing legal services, it becomes difficult to have benefits of those laws in cost effective way. However, with our services you can have a middle path where in you do it with our help.

We are able to provide you our services in a very cost effective way because we are using technology to extend our services. At the same time we are doing this on large scale thus lowering our costs substantially. However, lower costs does not mean any deficiency in services of standards. We assure you same quality of service as does the professional who charges hefty fee for it.


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